We are trusted by thousands of artists in the music industry to grow fan bases, and provide digital marketing for music platforms across social media and digital music media. We provide organic results and we carefully target your fans to match your genre of music. You will see sales and growth with our marketing.

Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Youtube 70%
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Followers 85%
Fan Engagement Campaign 50%
Music Video Promotion 69%

We’ll promote your Spotify to our playlists and push your plays and song to many fans in your genre. You’ll gain royalties and exposure from your fan base on spotify.

Our Apple Music promotion is awesome, as we have many playlists we’re sharing and promoting on a regular basis. Add your song to our apple music playlists and also gain plays from our 500k Tweet and Facebook promotion package. You’ll gain real fan exposure.

Grow your music video views with our tweet promotion and youtube targeted campaigns. We’ll help you target your fans down to your genre of music and help you grow your subscribers and views so you gain royalties and exposure on Vevo. Also works for Youtube.

Our Soundcloud promotion is stellar in nature.

We promote to our soundcloud twitter account your music link as well as have several accounts we work with repost your music to their followers. You will gain lots of traffic from this promotion.

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