Five Reasons You Are Not Verified

You Don’t Qualify

If you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook for a few minutes, you’ve definitely noticed the People and Brands with Blue Tick Checkmarks next to their account names. You’ve probably even noticed that they usually have large followings and high engagement. If you went to @Verified account on you’ll seen the rules and qualification criteria. After reading it you’ve decided your account fits the criteria but you still haven’t been verified and you want to know why. Its very simple, although there are no public released list of qualifications that automatically get you verified, its safe to say that one of those items on the invisible list you’ve failed to meet. If you believe you meet all the criteria on the invisible verification check list then by all means keep posting and using your account regularly and you’ll eventually see the magic happen when Verified follows you or when Facebook verified your account.

You were scammed

Beware of the many accounts online and fake companies soliciting the ability to verify your accounts. They claim to have inside scoops, or connections within the social media network to be able to get this done. Truthfully PR Media Firms, Record Labels, Talent Agencies, Sports Agents, are among the only companies who can actually pull some strings assuming you’re a Artist, Actor, Sports Figure, Public Figure, Politician, or Celebrity. Do not work with a company if you haven’t been referred to it by a trusted Verified member who can vouch for their services. Even yet in still its not guaranteed that you’ll be verified so make sure you pay using Paypal, and that you dispute for a refund before 45 days or you can forfeit your money. Also verification can take up to 1 year so most of the time you’ll never know if your getting scammed or if its really going through.

No Website

Your Facebook or Twitter should have a website if you are planning to do any kind of business online. If you don’t even have a website no one can take you serious online as a Brand. Make sure you hire someone to make your website and add your social media feeds to your page so it can help authenticate your social media.
Not Active Enough

If you barely ever log into your account, or you post infrequently you run the chances of not being considered. You have to also make sure not to have your feed full of auto share posts from another social media network such as instagram or facebook feeding to twitter. It shows you’re not ever actually posting directly to your page. Try to be sociable, mention others and take part in conversations to utilize your account more. Make sure you post high quality content, and high engaging content to get responses.

Spam can be anything like Retweeting something that has absolutely nothing to do with your brand and its content goals. Promotions like follow for follow retweet for follow are considered spam. Sharing facebook posts and not adding your opinion can look like spam. Promoting your friends events and promotions can be a 50/50 situation, it can help and it can hurt. Treat your brand like @Microsoft. The Microsoft account don’t retweet Bill Gates playing Frisbee with his puppy, or Bill’s friends photos either. Try to stick to your content strategy.

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