How to Build Music Fans Worldwide

Music is one of few industries built entirely on the strength of fans. You can’t be successful in your music career without fans. In order for you to make money, boost your royalties and sales, increase your plays- you need to have fans. How can you get them? You need to raise awareness. Make people know you exist and by doing this you need to make sure that your craft is worth promoting. Your music has to be unique to attract potential fans.  Next is start writing blogs. Start a blog referencing your own personal experiences in the industry, or giving tips to other unsigned artists etc. People will begin to take interest in you and your music. If you grab people’s attention through as many means as possible, but maintain a professional, indirect delivery, the interest will be a gradual journey to finding out about your music, becoming a fan and paying for your gigs and records.


Use SOCIAL MEDIA WISELY! There are a lot of platforms today that will help you reach millions. For more details watch the video below!





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