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You already make great music, but how do you make sure it’s heard? Have you always wondered how artists got through to big labels and ended up getting signed? Don’t worry! In this article, I will tell you the things you need to consider in order for you to move on to another level. I will start by telling you that it’s not easy to get signed by a label. There’s no magic formula to success, landing a record deal could be your gateway to stardom. But with the right resources, connections and team-you’ll be ready to take the next step into professional music!



This is where it all begins. It is very important that you’re music is incredibly awesome! It is essential in your music career. Discover your personality and find a music genre where you fit because people loves authenticity. Write your original composition and record it and get feedback! Send your tracks to people whose opinion you value and try to avoid your friends and relatives because they are most likely the “yeah sayers” and you don’t need that. You need hard criticism. You need to get used to it. The thing is music industry is full of different people who will have opinion and you will hear whole bunch of them and if you can’t take the heat then baby you need to get out of the kitchen!



If you want a label to consider you you’ll need a strong live following. A consistent group of fans who will support you on tour, night after night. Touring + fans = money. You’ll also need a very strong social media presence. Even though social media numbers don’t necessarily translate to engaged and paying fans, the very black and white logic of a good many labels is: strong social media numbers = fans and fans = money. You need a fan base to promote your music with and when people resonate with your music, they will share it. Guaranteed. There’s nothing more powerful or effective than word-of-mouth promotion, whether in person or online.

You can also collaborate with other artist click here for more details



This is very tricky. You dream to sign a record label but  put your self in the investor’s position. Think of your self as the record label. Would you invest in you? You wanna know the most common line of artists? I’ve been doing music my whole life” , “music is my passion” etc Is it really? How many music you have in the store? How many times you’ve been in a tour? How many albums you sold? How long you have been around?

See, a record label is a business. They have operating costs (for distribution, marketing, design etc) and need to generate revenue to cover those costs. Everything in excess is their profit. They generate this revenue by selling music, collecting mechanical royalties (cash they get when people play, buy and stream their tracks), and sometimes through selling merchandise and hosting events. Whether focused on mainstream or underground, they have to make ends meet. With this in mind, think about the type of artists they want to sign – artists that help them make money. The factors that contribute to that are great music, a (big) fan base, good marketing, and dedication. The better you score on these points, the more interesting you are to sign.



“No man is an island.” and this is really relevant to meet success. As an artist you need to accept the humble fact that you can not make it on your own. At some point, you need to consider hiring a talent manager, social media manager and A&R to help you out there. Click this for more information




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