How to Use Youtube like Radio Promotion

Once upon a time Radio was the King of Music discovery, which based on Nielsen Soundscan it still is, but it’s slowly dropping and being replaced by internet radio, and streaming radio platforms. Music discovery is the number one goal for independent artists as well as major artists. Whether your signed to a Major record Label or you are a garage band getting your music discovered is the key to your successful music career.

If you are using Twitter, Facebook, or any other form of social media you have realized that many artists promote their music videos and songs using Youtube Streaming Service. This is most likely because its free, and most people have mobile phones if not desktop computers to view your video on and they can visit the link in web browser without even downloading the app. Google is a giant in the music industry because they have hundreds of millions of views/listeners worldwide who visit monthly.

This means that if we want to gain more traffic and music discovery opportunities Youtube is one of the best places to do so online. There is a lot of other sites that help with this as well and will narrow down to strictly music fanatics such as and One of the good reasons for using Youtube is because Billboard’s announced that they will be using the metrics from to help artist gain chart positions. This means if you work very hard and build a solid Youtube subscribers list you can make it onto Billboard charts without any other form of promotion. That being said, Youtube is now competitive to Radio promotion in the respect that you can use both to get recognized in the Music Industry as a great Artist or Band. Also using Youtube Partnerships and Google Ads, you are able to earn a living from your Youtube videos and traffic your channel brings so even if you are on youtube all day long you can get a paycheck from it unlike a lot of other music music discovery websites.

Here are a few ways to build your strategy.

#1 SEO
Youtube + SEO = VIEWS / Views + Subscribers = $$$$
If you are reading and researching all the SEO tips that can help you build your video rank such as keywords, backlinking, sharing to your friends on social networks, having them share to their friends, using catchy titles and thumbnails to drive more clicks, and adding annotations to your videos to drive traffic to your channel you will gain a lot from your youtube promotion.

#2 Blogging
Getting your Youtube videos added to major blogs in your industry will help build interested subscribers and viewers on your channel. Also you can work with other youtubers to gain more traffic by collaborating on projects and videos. Make sure your videos are informative and the purpose is clear with what you are promoting rather its music or a interview.

#3 Adwords
Youtube has a built in advertising platform called Adwords that you should get familiar with. It allows you to target your listeners and views geographically based on interest and target market. We are experimenting ways to save money using this system and grow a larger viewer base on our clients music videos but you can push your music to millions of people across the world who watch youtube. This traffic is similar to radio when you utilize google analytics along side this promotion you can see who is viewing your videos and who is more interested in your music or products.

#4 Google Plus
You can really grow a serious solid subscriber list with using Google plus by visiting the community section on your youtube and ultimately adding your subscribers who have commented or subscribed to your channel. There are several buttons to help you narrow it down to the correct subscribers and you can add these to your google plus in different groups so you can promote them your video links in the future.

Using your imagination you can come up with ways to build a great listener base. You can make money and get discovered while getting on the Billboard charts. Why not use Youtube to grow your music fans and become a Youtube Star from your hard work. We will add more on this later about how to do actually target the listeners and views on Youtube later.


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