What Record Labels are looking for from Indie Artists

Have you ever wonder why there’s so many artists, great musicians and talented song writers never manage to get a record deal? The thing is music ability is very common commodity and it’s so easy to find and over the years music label evolve and so many changes occurred that record companies are now looking at MUCH MORE than ‘just’ musical skills when it comes to finding musicians they want to work with. Before you will even be considered for a record deal, you must prove to record companies that you possess a broad range of skills, character traits, work ethics and mental attitude that they look for in potential partners in addition to your talent.

You have to keep it in mind that no serious company will put up hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk without thoroughly researching their investments beforehand. And because of that they will spend time investigating and do a background check before deciding to work with you (or not). And a lot of artist fail because they are not aware that they are under observation.

To increase your chances of getting the opportunities you want in the music industry, you must know what record companies look for in musicians they work with.


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